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California Agriculture

14 years ago

July-August 2000
Volume 54, Number 4

Structural adjustment, resources, global economy to challenge California agriculture

39 years ago

April 1975
Volume 29, Number 4

Sealing bunker silos: Effect on silage losses

63 years ago

April 1951
Volume 5, Number 4

Chrysanthemum pests: New chemicals promising against two-spotted spider mite and aphids

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California Agriculture, Volume 5

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.1

California Agriculture
January 1951

Volume 5, Number 1
Range grass reseeding experiments

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.2

California Agriculture
February 1951

Volume 5, Number 2
Spider mites on walnuts in Northern California

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.3

California Agriculture
March 1951

Volume 5, Number 3
Use of fire as a tool in land clearing

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.4

California Agriculture
April 1951

Volume 5, Number 4
Citrus quick decline transmission studies

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.5

California Agriculture
May 1951

Volume 5, Number 5
Cyclamen mite control in greenhouses

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.6

California Agriculture
June 1951

Volume 5, Number 6
Bacillus for control of alfalfa caterpillar

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.7

California Agriculture
July 1951

Volume 5, Number 7
Report of current plant pathology research

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.8

California Agriculture
August 1951

Volume 5, Number 8
Wind machines for heat transfer to citrus groves

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.9

California Agriculture
September 1951

Volume 5, Number 9
Imported parasites bred in new quarantine unit

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.10

California Agriculture
October 1951

Volume 5, Number 10
Citrus-root nematodes on olive trees

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.11

California Agriculture
November 1951

Volume 5, Number 11
Pear pulp and pear molasses as livestock food

California Agriculture, Vol. 5, No.12

California Agriculture
December 1951

Volume 5, Number 12
Brucellosis control by calfhood vaccination