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April-June 2016


Recent UC research demonstrates the potential of overhead irrigation as an alternative to furrow and drip irrigation on Central Valley crops such as wheat, corn and cotton (see article). Benefits of overhead irrigation include less soil disturbance, which complements conservation agriculture practices, and lower labor requirements. Shown here is an overhead system irrigating a carrot field in Arvin - Lamont, Kern County. Photo by Jeffrey Mitchell.

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California Agriculture, April-June 2016

Volume 70, Number 2
Conservation agriculture in California

Peer-reviewed Research and Review Articles

Precision overhead irrigation is suitable for several Central Valley crops
by Jeffrey P. Mitchell, Anil Shrestha, Joy Hollingsworth, Daniel Munk, Kurt J. Hembree, Tom A. Turini
pp62-70 , doi#10.3733/ca.v070n02p62
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Accounting for potassium and magnesium in irrigation water quality assessment
by J.D. Oster, Garrison Sposito, Chris J. Smith
pp71-76 , doi#10.3733/ca.v070n02p71
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Community and home gardens increase vegetable intake and food security of residents in San Jose, California
by Susan Algert, Lucy Diekmann, Marian Renvall, Leslie Gray
pp77-82 , doi#10.3733/ca.v070n02p77
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A qualitative evaluation of UC CalFresh Plan, Shop, Save, Cook curriculum reveals additional outcomes
by Andra Nicoli, Chutima Ganthavorn, Concepcion Mendoza, Anna Martin, Marisa Neelon, Lucia L. Kaiser
pp83-88 , doi#10.3733/ca.v070n02p83
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Low-input, low-cost IPM program helps manage potato psyllid
by Sean M. Prager, Gregory Kund, John Trumble
pp89-95 , doi#10.3733/ca.v070n02p89
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Editorial, News, Letters and Science Briefs

EDITORIAL: Public funding for agricultural research benefits us all
by Glenda Humiston
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Conservation agriculture: Systems thinking for sustainable farming
by Jeffrey Mitchell, Ron Harben, Garrison Sposito, Anil Shrestha, Daniel Munk, Gene Miyao, Randy Southard, Howard Ferris, William R. Horwath, Eric Kueneman, Judee Fisher, Monte Bottens, Phil Hogan, Robert Roy, Jim Komar, Dwayne Beck, Don Reicosky, Michelle Leinfelder-Miles, Brenna Aegerter, Johan Six, Tom Barcellos, Dino Giacomazzi, Alan Sano, Jesse Sanchez, Mike Crowell, John Diener, Darrell Cordova, Trevor Cordova, Jerry Rossiter
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Letters to the editor
From our readers
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Adina Merenlender: Building a new mode of extension for biodiversity conservation
by Jim Downing
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Understanding organic potato fertilization dynamics at Intermountain REC
by Jim Downing
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