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November-December 1981

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California Agriculture, November-December 1981

Volume 35, Number 11

Peer-reviewed Research and Review Articles

Pesticides may reduce lettuce yield
by Frank V. Sances, Nick C. Toscano, Marshall W. Johnson, Larry F. LaPré
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Toxic plants as possible human teratogens
by Wendell W. Kilgore, Donald G. Crosby, Arthur L. Craigmill, Norman K. Poppen
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Agricultural water conservation in simplified perspective
by David C. Davenport, Robert M. Hagan
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Removing leaf litter doesn't protect oranges from frost
by Richard L. Snyder, John E. Pehrson, Jerry L. Hatfield
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Comparison of high-energy crops for alcohol production
by F. Jack Hills, Stanley S. Johnson, Shu Geng, Akbar Abshahi, Gary R. Peterson
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Computer pre-order food co-ops offer savings in return for time and labor
by William Hohn, Jean Eastman, Robert Sommer
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Applications of remote sensing to California rice production and marketing
by Garrett D. Maier
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Editorial, News, Letters and Science Briefs

EDITORIAL: Setting research priorities
by L. N. Lewis